1. Freedom and Flexibility

In your very own holiday home you get to come and go as you please and set your own holiday timetable. You can either enjoy a relaxing or a very active break or maybe even a bit of both. With self-catering you aren’t restricted to designated meal times so you can choose to eat your breakfast at a time that suits you, whether you are an early bird or a late riser.  Want to stay and watch the sunset but worried you might miss dinner at the hotel? No stress with self-catering. 

2. Space

Self-catering accommodation is far more spacious than hotel rooms, so they’re ideal if you are travelling with friends or family. 

3. Privacy

While you may well have a door sign in your hotel that says “Do Not Disturb”, if you’re looking for some proper privacy, then you’re far better off opting for self-catered accommodation over a hotel.

4. So Many Food Options

Don’t think that a self-catered holiday means you need to slave away in the kitchen the whole time. You can eat out at a modest rate.

5. Great Value

When booking self catering accommodation, it usually works out to be more cost effective than a hotel, especially if you are travelling as a family or a group.

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