Long Stay Accommodation

What is long stay accommodation?

Long or extended stay properties typically specialise in accommodation ranging from one week to three months, however, in some cases the length of stay can extend into many months.

They generally include the following types of properties:

  1. Hotels – some hotels are equipped to offer extended stays with suites, studios and/or one and two bedroom apartments. All are fully furnished and include ensuite bathrooms, equipped kitchen or kitchenette, a dedicated work space with internet access and direct phone line, and a lounge/dining area that may also include a sofa bed. Like most hotels, these properties usually have a reception desk and a daily or weekly laundry service.
  2. Serviced apartments – typically found in urban locations, these properties offer larger rooms than hotels – primarily studios as well as one bedroom and in some cases two bedroom apartments. Serviced apartments are fully furnished with ensuite bathrooms, fitted kitchen or kitchenette, lounge/dining area, reception desks, and a daily or weekly cleaning and laundry service.
  3. Executive apartments / corporate housing – these are full-sized residential apartments that are upgraded for stays longer than seven nights (stays tend to be measured by number of weeks rather than days). They are usually secure buildings with one, two or even three bedroom apartments for travellers who have family with them. Executive apartments are fully furnished and generally feature a fitted kitchen, all linen, internal laundry, TV, DVD and stereo, as well as a weekly cleaning service.

Benefits to travellers and employers

Long stay properties offer business travellers a flexible accommodation solution with wide range of advantages – the most popular being:

For employers, long stay properties offer more comfortable accommodation (and satisfaction!) for their staff and a more cost effective solution for the business. More of these properties can also now be booked within a company’s travel policy, providing further long-term savings and efficiencies.

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